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I am the Access and Career Development Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford. My research focuses on the language of politics. For this I have collected and analysed all legislation enacted by the British Parliament between 1900 and 2015. Not only has the quantity of law increased, but the clarity of the language has changed significantly. I have also analysed the manifestoes and speeches of prominent politicians. With this site, you can find and download all of my research materials, including datasets and analyses

You can also analyse any legislation, speech or manifesto you may have. By utilising the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) package for Python, you can quickly assess the indeterminacy in political language, such as in the use of adjectives and conditional conjunctions. This facility compliments my book, ‘How Language Works in Politics: The Impact of Vague Legislation on Policy’ (University of Bristol Press).

You can also find my contact details here. Please be in touch!

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